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Course Syllabus
The Internet of Things has the power to change the world same as the internet. By coming years IOT will be double size of the android phones, PC, tablets, connected cars, etc. IOT is an overall field where thhe engineers are from differnt domains like electronics, mechanicals and compute science can find a place. But this is a U turn, if you want to grab the best job opportunity you need to feed good training to enhance more and sharpen more. Working with the experts and on live projects you'll be able to understand the latest demands of today's era of technology. We are providing this with our expert faculty who are having industry experiences as well. Enroll yourself today and make yourself capable enough to get the best opportunities.

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    • 1. IoT for Beginners
    • ⇒ Introduction to IoT

    • ⇒ Working with the IoT

    • ⇒ Getting Started with the IoT

    • 2. IoT from the Ground Up– Using Arduino
    • ⇒ Getting Started with Arduino

    • ⇒ Sensors, Signals & Electronics

    • ⇒ Microcontroller Concepts

    • ⇒ Basic Networking with nodemcu

    • ⇒ Advanced Microcontroller Concepts

    • 3. Powering IoT– Using The Raspberry Pi
    • ⇒ Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

    • ⇒ Interfacing Hardware with the Raspberry Pi

    • ⇒ Machine-to-machine Communication

    • ⇒ Multimedia Concepts

    • ⇒ Speech Processing Concepts

    • ⇒ Image Processing Concepts

    • 4. IoT and the Cloud
    • ⇒ Deploying to the Cloud

    • ⇒ Platform-as-a-service

    • ⇒ Infrastructure-as-a-service

    • ⇒ Microservices using Docker

    • ⇒ Connectivity Beyond Wi-Fi

    • 5. Introduction to IoT Analytics
    • ⇒ A comprehensive understanding of the role of analytics in IoT

    • ⇒ Emphasis on practical applications through understanding of IoT data KPIs

    • ⇒ Review of specific IoT analytics algorithms used for streaming data analytics

    • ⇒ Complex Event Processing

    • ⇒ Basic Streaming Analytics Algorithms

    • 6. Data Science for IoT
    • ⇒ An understanding of IoT Data reference architecture

    • ⇒ Ability to apply IoT Analytics framework

    • ⇒ Understanding of specific steps in the IoT analytics framework, including data acquisition, data cleaning, EDA, data preparation, and analysis

    • ⇒ Hands on practice with multiple IoT datasets

    • 7. Advanced IoT Analytics
    • ⇒ Application of advanced analytics and ML algorithms to IoT data

    • ⇒ Knowledge of building and implementing data analytics models as part of IoT solutions

    • ⇒ Understanding of algorithm choice given the IoT business problem

    • ⇒ IoT Data Clustering

Batches Details

  • Duration

    2-3 Months
  • Available Seats

  • Online Training Schedule

    8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
  • Industrial Training Schedule in Chandigarh

    8.00 am to 7.00 pm
    (2 hours per batch)

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