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About Us Smart Programming

Smart Programming is an Educational and Development organization committed in Building Future Enterprise. Smart Programming is a worldwide innovator in Information Technology. We help clients improve business by utilizing our industry-wide experience, profound innovation skill, thorough arrangement of administrations and vertically adjusted plan of action. Our devoted rising advances 'Centers of Excellence' empower us to bridle the most recent innovation for conveying business capacity to our customers.

Smart Programming is perceived for its creative methodology towards conveying business esteem and its duty to manageability. We defeat the difficulties of working with a seaward group and conveying a quality application while satisfying time-to-advertise needs. Today we are a believed accomplice of decision for worldwide organizations hoping to 'separate at the front' and 'institutionalize at the center' through innovation intercessions.

Our Global Delivery Model accommodates the best assets to be drawn from its huge ability pool over the globe to offer ideal arrangements. We incorporates our items and administrations to make tweaked answers for enable you to attempt innovation based business change that permits revamping in accordance with the present powerful computerized business condition.

Our Mission

Our Mission - Smart Programming

Our central goal is to accomplish clients brilliance and maintainable focused edge.

Some have faith in the intensity of numbers; some put stock in the intensity of innovation; We have confidence in the intensity of individuals and the effect individuals can have on innovation. Our foundations developed from this conviction that individuals with assorted perspectives could meet up to manufacture an alternate sort of innovation organization. Our conviction of customers first drives our vision for tomorrow to manufacture innovation specialists who are centered around one objective: helping our customers succeed.

Our Core Values

Being Innovative

We focus on being inventive. Advancement is the viable articulation of creative ability which transforms thoughts into the real world. We provides the environment that supports this expression, seeing open doors for development in future innovation. Whenever opportunities or difficulties emerge, we trust arrangements exist, go for broke to discover answers, think 'fresh', are eager to fizzle, drive forward as far as possible, stay hopeful, and keep up our feeling of miracle.

Achieving Excellence

We go for perfection in all that we do. We attempt to surpass the desires for our clients and partners. We perceive excellent execution. To guarantee we reliably fulfill these guidelines, we emotionally supportive networks of input and reaction from our guests, staff and volunteers. The result of this dedication will charm us to our guests, encourage our staff to achieve higher, and help us satisfy our central goal in manners that surpass desires.

Continually Learning

We focus on following up on the conviction that all individuals have the ability to learn and develop through the enlivening of their interest in a domain that compensates that interest. This perfect condition advances gaining from disappointments and others experience, making a culture of criticism and the open door for gaining from each involvement. This dedication is bolstered with the time and assets to give the reflection and care fundamental for development and advancement.

Create Team Spirit

We make and keep our duties. We team up with other IT organizations to convey on the guarantees we make to our clients and accomplices. This culture of cooperation enables all to talk reality, remain in the discussion, and when vital, question business as usual which takes us to abnormal state.

Respect People

We display open, legit, moral conduct and correspondence in all that we do. We manufacture trust, and we expect that others are attempting to make the best decision.


We cultivate a domain where inventiveness, assorted thoughts, funniness, and fun are empowered. We appreciate what we do and praise our victories.

Our Vision

For a long time, we have lived by a lot of guiding principle that characterize our identity, shape our conduct, and set us apart from others in the business and now we have made a dream proclamation to express our motivation and concisely impart our vital way. We will be the undisputed pioneer in our business sectors, perceived for setting the specialized and execution norms in the majority of our organizations and for making client achievement. Our vision controls the means we take every day to guarantee our clients get an answer conveyed agreeable to them.

Our Team

Together We Do - Together We Grow

A3G Group, Mohali

Deepak Panwar

( Java / Android / Python Developer & Trainer )

A3G Group, Mohali

Bhupinder Kaur

( Digital Marketing Executive )

A3G Group, Mohali

Vijay Kehal

( Java Android Developer - Team Leader )

A3G Group, Mohali

Shivangi Bali

( Java Android Developer )

A3G Group, Mohali

Vikas Kumar

( Java Android Developer )

A3G Group, Mohali

Dharmender Kumar

( Java Android Developer )