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Course Syllabus
Computer science now a days is dominating by the terms of cloud computing. The rapid growth in technology delivers infinite benefiuts to various business through its advanced functionality. Cloud Computing is here with the wrap of various advantages includes notable increase in the speed of accessing world wide data or computing, reducing the cost of services, independent location and many more.
Almost all the industries are looking for well qualified cloud computing stars to regulate their whole system and data. Any person who likes to get platform independent should possess sound knowledge about all the chapters of cloud computing coupled with good practical experience of our experts.
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    • 1. Introduction
    • ⇒ Starting lecture with basics of Storage, Virtualization, Cloud Computing

    • 2. Storage Foundation
    • ⇒ Data or Information

    • ⇒ Structure and unstructured data

    • ⇒ Information Lifecycle Management

    • ⇒ Definitions of Storage, SAN, Layers of SAN(communication, management and Block devices)

    • ⇒ Storage Media HDD, SSD and Tape, Types, Mechanism, Transfer rates, IOPS and sizing.

    • ⇒ RAID in Depth, Types, Mechanism, Performance, Impact on apps

    • ⇒ Evolution of Storage, RAID, DAS, SAN, NAS, IP-SAN (overview of each technology)

    • ⇒ Storage Transfer Protocols SCSI, ATA, FC and iSCSI intro and intermediate level discussion

    • ⇒ FC SAN in-depth

    • ⇒ iSCSI in-depth

    • ⇒ NAS in-depth Gateway NAS, Integrated NAS, Architecture, etc..

    • ⇒ Fabric services

    • ⇒ SAN Security Zoning and LUN Masking

    • ⇒ Storage Virtualization

    • ⇒ Data Protection Backups, Tapes and Tape Virtualization, Snapshots, mirrors and split mirrors

    • ⇒ local and remote replication

    • ⇒ Industry trends Deduplication, VSA, CDP, ZFS etc.

    • ⇒ Sizing the right storage solution

    • 3. Storage Administrator
    • ⇒ OpenFiler Storage OS(Complete Storage Practical)

    • 4. Virtualization at Max. and Cloud Computing
    • ⇒ Basics of Virtualization and Virtual Machine: Log files, Hypervisor and it’s types

    • ⇒ Concept of VM

    • ⇒ Different Hypervisor available

    • ⇒ Vsphere Architecture complete (deep dive)

    • ⇒ System Architecture

    • ⇒ VMware ESXi 4.1 and 5: Migration, Fault Tolerance and Vshield Zone

    • ⇒ Vcenter server family: How to do VMware licensing ?

    • ⇒ What is a SME ?

    • ⇒ Esxi continued : Vnetworking and Vswitches

    • ⇒ Storage Concepts in Esxi: Vmfs datastore and VM file

    • ⇒ Why should we not install Esxi on our laptop?

    • ⇒ Use and role of Directory Services

    • ⇒ Virtual appliance marketplace

    • ⇒ Types of share and use of these in Esxi: NFS share

    • ⇒ Planning for storage and Esxi: Zoning, Masking

    • ⇒ VM installation: Windows 2008 server installation for Vcenter(Practical starts from here ownwards)

    • ⇒ ESxi installation on another VM

    • ⇒ VM resource management

    • ⇒ VM components

    • ⇒ Concept of VApp and multi-tier applications

    • ⇒ Management of KVM in a Datacenter Scenario with 1000 servers

    • ⇒ Clustering in VMware: concept of High Availability

    • ⇒ Resource pools: vcenter services ON

    • ⇒ Creating datacenters, clusters: admission control policy, power management, EVC ; adding hosts(ESXi) to the cluster: adding storage

    • ⇒ Datastore expansion within from the hosts.

    • ⇒ Migration of VM: Vmotion and Storage Vmotion

    • ⇒ Introduction to Fault Tolerance

    • ⇒ Importance of Downtime in Industry: Why is VMware the BEST Enterprise Grade Hypervisor in Market: resource usage and fault tolerance ?

    • ⇒ Concept of Thin and Thick provisioning

    • ⇒ Creating and Deploying a VM

    • ⇒ Snapshot of the VM

    • ⇒ Key note on Resource pool: failover, reservation and entry of new host in the cluster

    • ⇒ Career acceleration in VMware: VMware certifications, scope, demonstration on job portal

    • ⇒ Analysis and Career Scope of Cloud Implementation in the Indian IT Market Currently(as per today)

    • ⇒ Cloud Market analysis: VMware and Eucalyptus Market

    • ⇒ How to choose an Enterprise Grade solution for Cloud and virtualization.

    • ⇒ Importance of Workflow in the Cloud and Virtualization Implementation

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