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Course Syllabus
C and C++ are the two basic core and the most common languages which were developed by Dennis Ritchie. It includes the concept of structured programming and is considered as a procedural language with the concepts of object oriented. One can utilize these basic languages for variable recursion and scope. C is basically a procedural language and C++ is an object oriented language. IT professionals are running training programs to attain the treasure in this language and prepare the candidates a skilled and expert professional programmer.
Features of c/c++: C/C++ is the widely used language. It provides many features that are given below. 1.Simple
2.Machine Independent or Portable
3.Mid-level programming language
4.structured programming language
5.Rich Library
6.Memory Management
7.Fast Speed

    • 1. Course Content
    • ⇒ C Programming Introduction of C

    • ⇒ Programming Fundamentals

    • ⇒ Operators & Expressions

    • ⇒ Data Input & Output,Loops and Decisions

    • ⇒ Functions ,Arrays,Pointers,Strings

    • ⇒ Control Structure,File Stream

    • ⇒ Operators and Function Overloading

    • ⇒ C++, Data Structure Introduction of C++

    • ⇒ OOPS, Virtual Functions

    • ⇒ File & Streams

    • ⇒ Implementing Inheritance and Polymorphism

    • ⇒ Applications Development Wizards


    • ⇒ Templates and Exceptions Handling

    • ⇒ Event Driven Programming

    • ⇒ Understanding Code Modules

    • ⇒ Introductions of SQL

    • ⇒ Data Reports

Batches Details

  • Duration

    2-3 Months
  • Available Seats

  • Online Training Schedule

    8.00 pm to 10.00 pm
  • Industrial Training Schedule in Chandigarh

    8.00 am to 7.00 pm
    (2 hours per batch)

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